Formal Makeup

formal makeup artist st louisAre you going to the opera, fashion event, gala or prom? Any occasion that calls for formal clothing has to be accentuated with the right amount of makeup. Please keep in mind that your normal amount of makeup is may not be enough, especially if it is a special occasion, where photographers are present.

Many of us try to make use of the personal skills we have, and have to live with the results – washed-out skin, smudged liner, uneven eyebrows, cakey foundation and more. This is why it is important to hire an expert who can help you look astounding for that big event.

The Fine Line Between Flashy And Formal Makeup

Many of us envision formal makeup as highly-accentuated, looks where focus is put into the eyes, face contours and lips. If you put that all together, you will end up with rather tasteless results. Formal makeup is all about accentuating your best asset, be it your lips, cheeks or eyes. Thus, a formal makeup artist aims to outlineĀ or “blur” your problem areas and focus on your favorite features.

With the use of the right tools and cosmetics, a professional makeup artist can bring out your features and ensure that you will look radiant and flawless for that important event. He or she, may ask you to envision what you want and help you achieve that look, even with a few tweaks, to suit your features and match your outfit.

Why Hire Mimi Nikolova for Your Formal Makeup?

Mimi Nikolova specializes in formal makeup for wide range of events as well as fashion or print ads. Her skill as a makeup artist has not gone unnoticed, working with big names like La Prairie, Chanel, Dior, Chantecaille, Make Up Forever and more. She remains a trusted name in the beauty industry. Are you going to a special event any time soon? Let formal makeup artist, Mimi Nikolova take your look to the next level. Click here to contact her today or use the form below.