Mimi is an excellent Make Up Artist and Professional Beauty Expert! It was a pleasure to work with her at Dior events.
Angela Haman
Thank you again for an AMAZING job on my makeup!! I absolutely loved it and was beautiful all day and night.Thanks for being so patient and helping out with all the craziness going on that day!
Janell Kiersnowski Embry
Mimi made me and my girls look and feel amazing for our wedding! I cannot express how wonderful she is!
I just got back from a make-up lesson with her and I had so much fun! She explained me every important step and how I should do it right - now I finally know how it`s done! It just needs some practice 🙂 Thank you for your patience! 🙂
Tried it before a special event and received tons of compliments on how good I looked! What an amazing product . Thanks so much for recommending it, Mimi!
I couldn't have been more thrilled to find Mimi at Beberoka and to use here services! Not only does she have a passion for beauty and makeup - she really exudes a passion for life and for her business. A truly Professional Makeup Artist I would definitely recommend her!!!
Mimi at Beberoka has done my makeup so many times that I truly can't remember them all, and each time it is better than the last! She is absolutely thorough in every aspect of makeup artistry. She matches my skin tone perfectly each time, and in the end it looks exactly like my skin- but better! Best of all, the look seems to last forever! Hours after application, my face still looks freshly done. I now book her for everything that is slightly important- parties, wedding, and even family pictures! I seriously love Mimi and her work.
Thank YOU Mimi...My face was flawless........I had so many compliments on my skin...all thanks to YOU !!!
William & Janell Embry
Thank you for making our special day perfect 🙂 & gorgeous !!!
Thank you again so much. It was a pleasure to work with you and your team. My daughter Grace looked amazing. I felt good too, as did all the ladies.
Emily Kon - Model
I loved my makeup from the beginning till the end. Thank you so much!
David Gladden - Stylist
Mimi just overpowered me with her expertise once again ! I am humbled!
Beberoka is an amazing makeup artist and I have been fortunate to work alongside her for two years for special events with Dior. Once you sit in her chair, you will feel pampered and walk away looking magnificent!!
Thanks again Mimi for the FABULOUS make-up application I'm one happy lady to have found such an amazing makeup artist in STL. If you haven't tried Mimi you must, she's worth it and she will make you feel so beautiful, I'm so blessed to have found her!

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