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makeup tips for oily looking skin

Share With Friends: If you have oily looking skin, it can be difficult to keep it from looking shiny. It can also cause makeup to slide off your face before you have even reached your destination. Fortunately, incorporating simple steps into your makeup routine can keep the oil at bay. These steps take only a few minutes, but they will Read more

Share With Friends: Why not let our skin to be glowing and sun kissed. We can still fake it with good bronzer depends on your skin color; the right texture is always best. If you are very fair choose a loose powder bronzer and for the rest of us cream bronzer blends nice into the skin and looks more natural. Read more

Share With Friends: MiMi’s 10 Beauty Tips for Young and Beautiful Skin Always, always cleanse your face, morning and evening, regardless if  you  are wearing make up or not. Protect your skin daily with at least SPF30 and correct and prevent from aging at night with the right  creams for your skin type. And if you just happen to turn Read more