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Share With Friends: Hi , The weekend is the moment when we can wear less color on our face for more fresh and healthy glowing skin. Here  are 4 steps that will be enough to achieve your weekend look: Here is how: 1.After you cleansed your face apply your daily moisturizer with SPF . 2. Your fave Concealer-apply only where Read more

Share With Friends: Autumn is still far, but we are prepared for new trends in makeup Everything in our list is consistent with the little time we got in the morning for make up. Colors are romantic and soft, nature inspired by autumn to highlight our natural beauty. First is the combination of autumn brown and honey of the eyelids Read more

Share With Friends: Bronzing products are number 1 in the summer, along with moisturizing lip balm and tinting moisturazer with high SPF. It can make the face look more radiant and smooth – as if you just come back from the beach. Moreover, only a few dabs on the brush will shape facial contours, and  accent  a “sun-kissed look! There Read more