Primers Is A Must!!!

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Few words about Primers for those of you who still not so sure they need one.
Primers-Magic base or just another marketing way to get your money?
While primers do not actually improve skin in the long term, they enhance it’s appearance by tightening pores and boosting elasticity for an evening. Those with uneven complexions will find them worth it too.
How primers work: first- they stop the skin from “drinking” your foundation and second- they stop foundation absorbing to much sebum.

Basically , they create a velvety surface for your base to glide on,giving a natural glow. Unlike moisturizer under foundation, a primer stays put,so if you do not want your make up to take off before you do, a primer is a MUST. And with this said worth investing your money on a good primer.
Happy shopping!
Next week I will reveal  my few favorite primers I use all the time!!

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