Makeup Lessons

makeup lessons st louisLooking good helps boost one’s confidence. Most of us feel the most beautiful after a professional makeup lessons session. It boosts our self-esteem almost immediately, and we feel more empowered. Unfortunately, few have the financial capability or the time to get dolled up on a daily basis. We usually make do with our personal makeup techniques, which maybe great but not always perfect.

Why Not Take Makeup Lessons?

If you would like to learn more about how to apply makeup, be it for daily use, wedding occasions, formal or informal events, you could try enlist the help of a professional makeup artist. Looking through online makeup lessons may be helpful, however, it is always best to learn from an expert as he or she would be able to customize the lesson to fit your personal needs, skin tone and face shape.

Makeup Lessons by Mimi Nikolova.

While you could get makeup lessons from almost any cosmetologists, keep in mind that expertise always delivers better results. This is why it is best to get the help of a professional makeup artist. Mimi Nikolova is a makeup professional who has worked in the high fashion and beauty industry for many years. She has lent her talent to big-name luxury brands like NARS, Make Up Forever, Dior, Armani, Chanel, Chantecaille, La Prairie and many more.

This St. Louis based professional makeup artist holds makeup lessons at her clients’ homes or any other chosen location. Since she has worked with top names in the industry, you can expect that best training will be provided, along with the needed tools and cosmetics.

If you and your friends are tired of your usual makeup regimen, up the ante with a group makeup lesson from an expert at the comfort of your own home. Learn various makeup looks for formal or daily occasions and improve your technique with the help of Mimi. Click here to contact her today or use the form below to schedule your next makeup lesson.