Fashion Makeup

fashion makeup artist st louisEvery fashion blogger, model, photographer or fashion retailer knows that clothes don’t just sell themselves. Makeup is a crucial part of any outfit, be it soft and light or loud and vivid. Professional makeup helps sell the wares. This is why be it for an amateur or professional photo shoot, runway show, print ad campaign or any other event related to fashion, a professional makeup artist is always part of the equation.

What Does A Fashion Makeup Artist Do?

A fashion makeup artist works closely with the client before the event to ensure the success of the show, photo shoot or video. He or she designs and sketches different makeup looks based on the client’s requirements. A professional fashion makeup artist must know how to translate the client’s wishes into reality, as well as be able to make suggestions to improve the overall effect.

During the event, it is his or her job to keep the models look flawlessly. It is important to stay on path and deliver the discussed look throughout the event..

Why You Need A Fashion Makeup Artist?

The lights of the runway are glaring, the looks are countless and the demand for a success is at it’s highest. As such, regular makeup may not always work, and the models may look washed out. It is important to hire a professional makeup artist for this type of event as he or she will be able to come up with a look that will remain fresh, versatile and camera ready, despite the demands of the fashion show.

Mimi Nikolova has lent her talent to luxurious fashion brands as a fashion makeup artist for many years. If you are in the St Louis area and require a professional fashion makeup artist, contact her today to learn more about how she can add glamour and elegance to your fashion event. Click here to contact Mimi Nikolova today or use the form below.