Commercial Makeup

commercial makeup artist st louisEveryone wants to look good when it’s their time to shine. Be it for TV shows, print ads or video commercials, we strive hard to look our best. However, it would be wise to remember that certain tweaks are necessary to ensure that the subject does not look washed out, as the equipment used can render light makeup negligible. This is why it is important to invest in an professional makeup artist who can bring out the best features, whether for a TV show, photo shoot or video blog.

What Does A Commercial Makeup Artist Do?

The main priority of the professional commercial makeup artist is to ensure that the client looks good. He or she will use techniques to alter or enhance the client’s looks. It will also be his or her task to alter and maintain makeup for the length of the entire production process. Care is taken to ensure that the client looks flawless, despite any of the circumstances.

Preparation starts long before the shoot. A week or two beforehand, the commercial makeup artist meets with the client to assess his or her skin type and features. The professional may also ask you for the script, to ensure that he or she can help you portray your role best, with the use of cosmetics.

Why You Should Choose Mimi Nikolova?

Care should be taken when picking out a professional commercial makeup artist. It is important to choose someone who knows how to adapt his or her vision based upon the requirements of the client. Mimi Nikolova is a St Louis based professional commercial makeup artist who is seasoned in the field of commercial makeup. Her talent has been used on large-scale productions, which include La Prairie, Dior and other ad campaigns.

If you reside in St Louis and nearby areas and are in need of a professional commercial makeup artist for video campaigns, photo shoots and various media productions, contact Mimi for further information. Her skill in commercial makeup remains unparalleled, and her experience will sure deliver the desired results. Click here to contact her today or use the quick form below.