How to Mist for a Great Skin with the power of 3 Chantecaille products!

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Hello Readers,

Just a quick tip with 3 products I’m abscessed right now. I thought to share with you because I really think they are worth trying :

1.To awake your skin in the morning spritz a flower water or tonic.This is a very well known ritual of every French woman. Also use it during the day to refresh your skin and when traveling to prevent dehydration. So simple task but so powerful for a great skin.

Try My favorite Flower water  by Chantecaille : Pure Rose Water

2.Because Good skin and dry lips will not look good please don’t forget to take care of them. Keep in mind when the seasons change your lips need some love and care too. My go to Best Lip treatment even in the coldest weather and will do the job to keep your lips soft and plum with a hint of shimmer I promise is  the : Lip Potion by Chantacaille

3. All skin types can use the gentle and effective skin refining treatment. Especially beneficial to clients with dry patches, uneven pigmentation, acne and to bring back the glow of your healthy skin. So easy and breezy with Chantecaille Fruit & Flower Acids Mask . Apply a generous layer over clean skin. Leave on from 3 to 10 minutes. Gently wash it off with lukewarm water.  Voila!!!

Try it and let me know what do you think!



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