Buyer Beware: 4 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Organic Makeup

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organic makeupA popular alternative to regular makeup is organic makeup. Both men and women are increasingly turning toward organic makeup products. One reason is that organic makeup is made from all natural ingredients.

Organic makeup is also better for your skin than regular makeup which often contains harsh chemicals. Still, other people use organic makeup because it’s gentle on sensitive skin. These are just a few reasons that more people are switching to organic makeup products. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing organic makeup, then follow these smart beauty tips:

Beauty Tip #1: There’s no standard definition for natural or organic makeup.

The FDA doesn’t monitor makeup nor is there any group that does. Manufactures have not agreed on a standard definition for words like ‘natural’ or ‘organic’. This means that a brand can use words like ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ on their label when their products may not be either.

Beauty Tip #2: Avoid harsh toxins.

Read the ingredient list so you can beware of harsh chemicals. Informed consumers can make healthier decisions. If a makeup product has any of the following chemicals, put it down and select another brand:  dioxane, nitrosamines, mercury, DEA, alcohol, isopropyl, ammonium laureth sulfate, or polyethylene glycol.

Beauty Tip #3: Do some research.

You can look online to find reviews on almost every brand of organic makeup. If a brand has more than five negative reviews, consider purchasing a different brand. Also look for brands that get consistently good reviews across their product line and not for only one product.

Beauty Tip #4: Don’t trust the word ‘hypoallergenic’.

Hypoallergenic organic makeupIf you’re making the switch to organic makeup because of allergies, it’s easy to grab the first product with the word hypoallergenic on the label. But don’t be fooled. Just like the words organic and natural are often misused in advertising, so is hypoallergenic. Instead of looking for an organic makeup line that’s hypoallergenic, try mineral makeup. It’s free of chemicals and fragrances that can irritate your skin.

Before you buy any organic makeup, check to make sure that it’s preservative free and contains no emollients, humectants, emulsifiers, or surfactants. Those toxins aren’t good for you or the environment.

Another thing to consider when purchasing organic makeup is the product’s packaging. If the packaging is eco-friendly and made from recycled materials, you’re more likely to be buying from a company that cares about its effect on the environment. A company that takes care of its packaging is one that cares about the small but important details of creating a greener world. When you use organic makeup, you want to leave the world (and your skin) healthier.

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